History and Past Winners.

TGrand winners of Mirror Ball-IR Photo Club

2015 Grand Champion Karen Franke and her dance instructor, Joe Tessier of 14th Avenue Dance Studio

2009 Grand Champion
Kathryn Collins

2010 Grand Champion
Rebecca Emmons

2011 Grand Champion
Bobby Guttridge

2012 Grand Champion
Charlotte Terry

2013 Grand Champion
John Michael Sarbak

2014 Grand Champion (3-way-tie)
Joan Busch
Tim Girard
Michele Maholtz, M.D.

2015 Grand Champion 
Karen Franke

2016 Grand Champion 
Nicki Maslin

2014 Top Fundraiser Dr. Alan Durkin, who raised $67,000 and partner Beth Shestak

2014 Top Fundraiser Dr. Alan Durkin, who raised $67,000 and partner Beth Shestak

2009-2016 Top Fundraisers
Kathryn Collins (2009), Kerry Bartlett (2010)*, Judy Van Saun (2011*), Glenn Tremml (2012)*, John Michael Sarbak (2013), Alan Durkin (2014), Karen Franke (2015), 2016 Cindy O’Dare
* denotes new record in fundraising. Cindy O’Dare took over Dr. Alan Durkin’s record of $67,000 raised with a blistering $73,000!

Indian River Healthy Start is so grateful to both our dancers and sponsors for raising such important funds for important programs, and especially salute our Top Fundraisers for their dedicated efforts in making these programs viable. The stars, instructors and sponsors of DWVS help keep children and families of Indian River County safer and having a healthier start.

2009-2016 Top Dancers
Pamela Director (2009), Dan Crisafulli (2010), Susan Clay, Patrick Toole, Bobby Guttridge (3-Way Tie 2011), Stacey Miller (2012), John Talmage and Trish Hickey-Reid (2013), Tim Girard (2014), Tom Lowther (2015), Eric Flowers (2015), Karen Franke (2015), Steve Rennick (2016)

First-Runner Up
David Busch (2010), Jarrod Owen (2011), Susanne Sweeny (2012), Deryl Loar (2013), Dr. Alan Durkin (2014), Jackie Savell (2015), Cindy O’Dare (2016)

Second-Runner Up
AnnaMarie LaBella (2010), Susan Clay (2011), Glenn Tremml (2012), Chris Bieber (2013), Samantha Bracket (2014), Andy White (2015), Bob Brunjes (2016)

Highest Online Contributions
Michele Maholtz (2014), Deb Polakwich (2015), Cindy O’Dare (2016)

Best Intro Video
Adam Chrzan (2013), Tim Girard (2014)

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